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Film School Work 
National Institute of Design (2006-2008)

Flights of Sleeping Birds

Flights of Sleeping Birds

Screened at Experimenta International Film & Video Festival '09, India Oslo Screen Festival '10, Oslo Festival international Signes de Nuit, Paris '10 Kurye International Video Festival '10, Istanbul International Video and Contemporary Art Festival Waterpieces '10 Riga, Latvia New Screen - New Castle Sept 2011 (featured artist) A Documentary that morphs into imagination. In a sleepy town, two children, Rati and her brother, set upon a mysterious journey discovering their ancestral past while they spy on their grandfather’s experiments. Their ancestors came by ship from a faraway imaginary land. Their grandfather has been bitten by a prehistoric creature that came from that ship and secret knowledge of a ritual flows through his blood. Rati begins to hear voices from the ritual. It seems as if something is tapping her brainwaves and is making her hallucinate. They will never know that all three of them will vanish with a strange light that visits their town. The fiction is inspired by the stories surrounding a ritual called ‘ Gadde Utsav’ that happens in the village of Sal bordering Goa and Maharashtra. It is interspersed with an interview of Sitaram, an elder of that village. In the ritual, that commemorates the end and beginning of the lunar cycle, a special family of the village invokes the true guardian who used to inhabit those hills. He is called Devnchar, a semi earthly being. The Devnchar has no face, but instead is made of a light, like the shape of a sunflower. This light travels through the forest and fields in great speed blinking like a giant firefly. It is an unpredictable force that is neither good nor bad.
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